In Today's Regulated Environment, You Need an Environmental Expert . . .


Are you concerned about protecting your business from environmental liabilities and risks related to:

  •  Timely permitting
  •  Government penalties for non-compliance
  •  Lack of knowledge
  •  Public relations nightmares and need for confidentiality
  •  Sick buildings


Did you know that unreliable information can cost you:

  •  Delays in your projects' schedules
  •  Bad public relations
  •  Government fines for non-compliance starting at $25,000.00


We take the worry out of environmental building compliance by:

  •  Using only certified laboratories
  •  Having a consulting staff fully accredited giving you peace of mind
  •  Responding quickly
  •  Furnishing reports based on current regulations
  •  Saving you money reducing the risk of fines
  •  Completing your report within the proposed time
  •  Being fully Insured
  •  Helping you work or live in a healthy building